CIC Programs




The Aviation program provides students with a foundational understanding of manned and unmanned aircraft systems and students will learn about various career pathways within the aviation industry. This program is in partnership with the University of Central Missouri and encompasses dual credit courses of Aircraft Propulsion Systems, History of Aviation, Private Pilot Ground School, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Students will have the opportunity to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Remote Pilot examination to become certified as a commercial drone pilot and will get real-world learning experiences through a flight simulator.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance:

Aviation Institute of Maintenance is committed to the education and personal enrichment of each student interested in aviation maintenance or a trade technician profession. The Blue Springs School District has partnered with Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) to provide articulated classes taken for both college and high school credit taught by an AIM instructor. The program is designed to help students complete FAA General Aviation courses. AIM helps students gain the skills and attitudes necessary for a meaningful entry-level career position.


Business Accelerator:

Students enrolled in Business Accelerator can earn credits in English, Science, Social Studies, Business, and/or Marketing that fulfill graduation requirements. Business Accelerator focuses on success-ready skills and the real-life application of these content areas through client-connected projects that align with students’ passions and interests. Utilizing the design thinking process, students develop solutions to real-world challenges that meet the needs of local businesses and community partners. Students will demonstrate mastery of learning standards in their selected content areas through their work on project teams. Any standards that cannot be met through projects will be taught and assessed through scheduled “seminars”, which resemble a more traditional classroom setting and are designed for students to better understand a particular concept or standard.

Project Management:

Students enrolled in the Project Management program will learn specific skills and techniques necessary to lead a team to achieve a project goal. The development of software for an improved business process, the construction of a new building, the relief effort after a natural disaster are all project examples. Students will be tasked with identifying and managing risk, careful resource management, smart budgeting, and clear communication across multiple teams and stakeholders with the goal of managing a project to successful completion. Students will have the opportunity to earn the PMI Project Management Ready certification during this program.

Instrument Repair:

This course is offered to students interested in learning the skills of how a musical instrument is cleaned and repaired. In partnership with Meyer Music, students will be introduced to the tools and equipment used by instrument repair specialists to fix such things as dents, broken parts, and cleaning equipment. Summer work and internship opportunities are available for students.


Advanced Health Science:

Nurse-practitioner. Midwife. Speech-language pathologist. Dentist. Veterinarian. These are just a few of the many careers graduates of Advanced Health Science are pursuing. For students interested in a career in the growing medical field, Advanced Health Science offers numerous opportunities to prepare and, most importantly, explore! Advanced Health Science I offers high school juniors an introduction to the medical field, including human anatomy and earning their CPR certification. Advanced Health Science II includes clinical rotations for seniors. Students can earn their Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) along with college credit. Over 90% of Health Science students continue to college! This is a Fort Osage CTC program located at the Career Innovation Center.

Health Science Accelerated:

Do you have an interest in the medical field? Do you like helping others? Health Science Accelerated might be the program for you! This one-year accelerated nursing-focused program for seniors provides students with critical training in patient care, anatomy, and physiology. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit and their Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). The clinical rotations for the CNA give our students the chance to work directly with patients and healthcare professionals, not just observe. In addition to nursing, students pursue careers in areas like physical therapy, dentistry, surgery, optometry, and pediatrics. This is a Fort Osage CTC program located at the Career Innovation Center.

Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy:

The introduction to Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy program provides exposure to the clinical skills needed for the professions of physical therapy and athletic training. Observations, dual credit, certifications such as CPR and OSHA-10 for Healthcare Workers may be earned by successful students in this program. Various academic, work ethic, and professional development principles are taught and practiced throughout the year. All program goals and practices have an emphasis on career and college preparation. This is a Fort Osage CTC program located at the Career Innovation Center.

Introduction to Pharmacy Practice:

Pharmacy is a branch of pharmacology which deals with collection, preparation, standardization, compounding and dispensing of drugs in such a way to make the medication suitable for easy, effective and palatable administration in the treatment of a disease.  Students will gain knowledge of medical terminology, the history of pharmacy, the top 200 prescription drugs, pharmacy calculations, compounding techniques, and pharmacy law.  This course will explore different careers in the pharmacy industry, including pharmacists and pharmacy technician. 

Surgical Technology:

The Surgical Technology program is an introduction to the profession of surgical technology and trains students to become entry level surgical technologists, that are integral members of the surgical team who work closely with surgeons, anesthesia care providers, registered nurses and other surgical personnel delivering patient care before, during and after surgery. Students will get Real World Learning opportunities second semester through clinical experiences at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Veterinary Assistant:

The Veterinary Assistant program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills to help them obtain a job in a veterinary hospital. Students enrolled in this MCC dual enrollment online course will learn more about the veterinary assistant role as a valued member of the veterinary team. Students will get Real World Learning opportunities through on site experiences at Pawportunities.


Computer Animation:

The Computer Animation program focuses on the skills and tools needed to create 2D and 3D animations and visualizations. Students will learn the principles of animation and use industry standard software to animate characters and objects within an environment. Students will explore a wide variety of career opportunities in the wide field of animation and design. During the second year of the program, students will focus on developing projects, applying skills acquired in the first year and employ advanced concepts in lighting, camera work, animation, and rendering. Various academic, work ethic, and professional development principles are taught and practiced throughout the year. All program goals and practices have an emphasis on career and college preparation. This is a Fort Osage CTC program located at the Career Innovation Center.

Video Game Design:

The Video Game Design program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the software development industry. Students will use game development software to create 2D and 3D computer games and visualizations, and use creativity and problem-solving skills to design, program, test, and debug computer games. Students will also learn the principles of game development and design, and how to use programming logic and languages to develop interactive software. The second year of the program will focus on applying skills learned in year one to create video games from idea generation and proof of concept to final game creation. Various academic, work ethic, and professional development principles are taught and practiced throughout the year. All program goals and practices have an emphasis on career and college preparation. This is a Fort Osage CTC program located at the Career Innovation Center.

Esports Beyond the Game:

Students enrolled in the Esports Beyond the Game program will be exposed to the many related opportunities in the gaming profession. Students will learn business strategies for branding and marketing esports leagues and competitions as well as broadcasting and video production. Students will have the opportunity to participate in multiplayer video games and competitions.


The purpose of the Robotics program is to provide an opportunity for students to explore the area of Robotics including production technology, manufacturing, and its associated careers. In this year-long course, students will be immersed in completing a project that connects STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics to the real-world. Using the interactive curriculum, students work through the course to help them build teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Students will acquire the skills they need in relation to designing, building, programming, testing, and operating a robot. Each semester of the course culminates in an event where students present what they have learned and use their robot to compete in a class mini game based on the current season’s competitive challenge.

Software Development:

The first semester of this program emphasizes problem solving, algorithms, and program design. Use of structured programming, lists, control structures, recursion, objects, and files in Python. Introduction to graphical interface programming. Coding, testing, and debugging using a modern development environment. Second semester, this course emphasizes problem solving and programming using classes and objects. Algorithm efficiency, abstract data types, searching and sorting, templates, pointers, links lists, stacks and queues implemented in C++.

Music Technology:

The Music Technology program provides an overview of the music technology and audio hardware and software, including basic operating principles terminology, and real-world applications. The course will also cover the fundamentals of music technology and audio production, such as signal processing, system operation, and other core topics.


Introduction to Teaching:

Introduction to Teaching is designed to teach students the history of the teaching profession. Students will analyze and describe major challenges faced by school practitioners and explain how highly effective teachers persist in addressing those issues. Students will have the opportunity to go into classrooms to observe and work with students under the supervision of a certified teacher. Students will prepare and teach lessons and obtain practical experiences related to the teaching career.


Hospitality & Tourism Management:

Students in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program will study the various segments of the hospitality and tourism industry, including lodging, food and beverage, event management, and travel/tourism. Students will learn about leadership skills, professional skills, resume building, dining etiquette, and an introduction to the hospitality industry. Students will have the opportunity for internships and field trips.